What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative alternative payment model that improves access to high functioning healthcare with simple, affordable membership fees. Clinics like Integrative DPC are able to provide you excellent, personalized primary care services for an affordable monthly rate. DPC practices are known for offering an enduring and trusting relationship between a patient and his or her primary care practitioner.

How is Integrative DPC different from traditional practices?

At Integrative DPC, our practitioner limits the patient panel versus a traditional setting with 2500 patients, so she can give you the time and attention you deserve.

With our membership, you get comprehensive, personalized care whether it is in our office, on the computer or phone, at your office, or on the job site. Your Integrative DPC Nurse Practitioner is your long-term partner in health.

Is direct primary care the same thing as concierge medicine?

No. Direct primary care practices generally do not bill health insurance or other third-party payers, and instead rely on members’ fees for their revenue. Concierge medical practices collect monthly fees from their members but also bill the members’ health plans or collect additional fees at the time of service. And the monthly or annual fees to be part of a concierge medical practice tend to be much higher than direct primary care fees.

How does an Integrative DPC membership save me money?

With a membership to Integrative DPC, you will not have a co-pay for any office visits or routine physicals. Furthermore, you will be able to avoid many visits altogether by sending your questions directly to us via email and text.

Because you are getting this personalized care from us, you can re-think and adjust your insurance premiums. Most DPC patients find a high-deductible, lower premium insurance plan so they are covered in the case of a major health issue.

With out-of-pocket deductibles close to or over $5,000, it doesn’t take much more than a trip or two to Urgent Care or the ER for the cost of Integrative DPC to be well worth the low monthly fee.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Elizabeth Smith, our Provider, is a Nurse Practitioner. What sets NPs apart from other health care providers is their unique emphasis on the health and well-being of the whole person. With a focus on health promotion, disease prevention and health education and counseling, NPs guide patients in making smarter health and lifestyle choices, which in turn can lower patients’ out-of-pocket costs.  For more information click here:

Does Integrative DPC prescribe Controlled Substances?

We have a strict policy against prescribing Schedule II controlled substances on an ongoing basis. This includes medications such as Adderall, Ambien, Xanax, Oxycodone, and Oxycontin, and others.

Chronic Pain conditions must be managed by a pain specialist. Opioid Prescribing Guidelines have been released by the CDC to combat the prescription drug abuse epidemic, and those patients who use narcotics for chronic pain are encouraged to seek a pain treatment center.  Integrative DPC will refer you to a specialist when you need care beyond the scope of our services. We will work with you to select the specialist you feel is right for you.

Do you bill insurance?

We do not bill or contract with any insurance plans.

In some cases, you can submit a receipt for your membership fees or lab/medication costs.  Some insurance companies will apply these payments toward a deductible.

What if I need to be referred to a specialist?

Integrative DPC will refer you to any specialist when you need care beyond the scope of our services. We will work with you to select the specialist you feel is right for you.

Do I get discounts on labs and imaging?

We are proud to give our patients the very best in prices for labs and imaging. We use LabCorp and get labs done at their wholesale cost and pass those savings on to our patients. For example a lipid panel through our office costs $2.50.

The same applies to imaging. We use centers around Naples and surrounding areas that provide the best cash prices and also accept insurance.

Can I see the Provider via Telehealth? Is Telehealth/Telemedicine safe & private?

Yes, for certain conditions your provider can see you via Telehealth if this is preferred. The Integrative DPC platform is secure and HIPAA compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to ensure that the communication with your nurse practitioner remains a private matter between the two of you. We take every measure to ensure your privacy and the safety of your data and within our clinic that we actually pay for a HIPPA compliant service to ensure we will never be out of compliance.

What do I do in the case of a medical emergency?

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Later, inform your Integrative DPC of your emergency and they will help oversee and monitor your care.

Can I cancel or re-start my membership?

Yes. You can cancel your membership with 30 days notice.

We believe that building long term relationships with our members is the key to what we do. Therefore, please note that requests to restart memberships are subject to approval and availability. If accepted, a re-enrollment fee of $200 will apply.

Can I use my Health Savings Account to pay for Direct Primary Care?

The law currently allows the use of HSA money to pay for medications, imaging tests, labs, etc.  However, it is legally unclear if HSA funds can be used to pay for DPC membership fees. This is a question for your tax professional. Legislation has been proposed to clear up the question regarding if HSA money can be spent on a DPC clinic’s retainer or membership fee.

How can I contact my provider before or after hours?

Illness and injuries don’t always happen during office hours. All members receive an invitation to download our secure messaging app which provides phone and secure text and video communication with your care team. If you need to get in touch with us to order a medication refill or schedule an appointment, you can directly contact our providers anytime, or leave us a voice mail or even a text message.

What if I need medical attention while I’m away from home?

Because you will have our secure messaging system, you can reach out to us whenever you need, wherever you are. Additionally, we have telemedicine appointments available, and many illnesses can be diagnosed and treated with a simple visit.

Do I need health insurance?

It is very important to carry some type of insurance for life’s unforeseen medical emergencies. High Deductible plans (also known as catastrophic coverage) make an excellent accompaniment to Integrative Direct Primary Care as do cost sharing ministries. In addition to traditional insurance, there are faith based and non-faith based, voluntary, healthcare cost-sharing ministries that are acceptable options to meet the individual mandate for health cost coverage in the Affordable Care Act.


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